Thursday, June 5, 2008

creativity &  performance art workshop

creativity &  performance art workshop
August 6-17 2008
Eremo di Sant’Antonio alla Palanzana

Hands move, speak, build, create, express emotions, feelings and moods...
Come to the workshop and delve into the creative and expressive power of your hands.
Spiritree’s original performances are developed by intertwining gestural theatre and the visual arts. The creative process evolves in the same way during the workshop as participants manipulate materials to sculpt masks and giant puppets, compose poetic texts and choreograph expressive movement and gesture. The interaction between these elements leads to the discovery of new components and the path to a performance piece -- individual and group.

Carol and Marco offer art-making and theatre techniques in the spirit of nurturing the individual and group process: the five Tibetan rites for the preparation of the body, mind, spirit; ancient circle dances; personal encounters with the power of gesture and movement; theatre games and improvisation; the transformation of cardboard, chicken wire, papier mâché, paint and fabric into sculptural creations and gestural structures.

The workshop will be held in both Italian and English.

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